Sorry,not sorry?!

Growing up,most of us find ourselves apologizing for rubbing people the wrong way.Well, it’s bound to happen whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Which is why this word comes up all the time sorry.This word however is misused mainly because some of us don’t mean it.

I am personally not a fan of being apologized to.Because I always think,since you wanted to do it,why are you sorry?

Don’t appologize for your actions which you did consciously,appologize for how they made someone feel.

And even though for some of us it’s hard to get those words out of our mouths ,for others its something they use to get away with stuff.

Yeah.Ever heard someone say sorry so easily till you questions it’s credibility?And trust me most of the time they don’t want wanna get into how they hurt you,they just hit you with,”I said am sorry!”

Now these are the appologies I can’t accept.Sorry is meant for people who genuinely mean it.

It means being accountable for your mistakes and not wishing you didn’t do it.Be accountable for your actions.

So,the next time you say sorry,ask yourself,”Do I really mean it?” If not, don’t bother with the act because honestly,it unfit.

Bye loves.Stay home,stay safe😌

Let’s talk gift giving

Last week on Chat Spot(Switch Tv) a woman said how she has been in four serious relationships and has never received a gift from any of those guys.

I am not being superficial here but damn.That ought to have been the weirdest thing I heard.

To me gifts no matter how cheap they are are very special.Gifts most of the time show how someone is thinking of you.

Gifts, according to me are a way of showing someone they matter.Making them feel special because most of the time they come from the heart.

And the feeling you get after making someone you care for feeling loved and appreciated is priceless.

Of course there others who don’t fancy gifts and that’s okay.Its not a sin.

However,every once in a while we all need to be reminded how special we are and I think gifts play a major role in this.

Imagine getting something you didn’t ask for but really wanted from someone you care for simply because they thought about you and cared for you.Wouldn’ t you appreciate them even more?

Anyway,as always, that is my opinion.What is yours?

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Teach me lord🙏

Many times I will fall and go against your will Oh Lord.

During those times I need you to teach me to stand up.

Teach me to rise above situations that are above my control.

Teach me to remember the things you have done for me without me asking.

Teach me to appreciate what I have now without question.

Teach me to love what and who I have now without holding back.

Teach me to know when I have made a mistake and remind me to repent.

Teach me to forgive those who have hurt me even in the worst ways.

Teach me to seek your favour in everything I do.

Teach me to put the past behind and focus on my present.

Teach me to show kindness to everyone without favoritism.

Teach me to be considerate to other people at all times.

Teach me to know when to speak and how to speak.

Teach me to respect all at all times.

In everything that I do,TEACH ME TO BE A BETTER PERSON.

You owe yourself happiness

🎶So before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself
And before I blame someone else, I’ve got to save myself
And before I love someone else, I’ve got to love myself
So before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself
And before I blame someone else, I’ve got to save myself
And before I love someone else, I’ve got to love myself🎶

The above lyrics are a song written by one of my favorite singers in the world.Ed Sheeran.The song is called save myself.

In this song Ed talks about how he has spent a lot of time trying to help people who they don’t even speak no more.

He says he even offered his shoulder for them to cry upon.In return he got

Life is tough at times and in the end the only person whose got your back is you.

Even Queen Bee decided be her own best friend.Because nothing is permanent now.

Friendships and relationships can end but guess what?You will still have you at the end of the day.

I know people who have lost themselves in the problems of this world.Who have put all their energy in relationships that didn’t work and now don’t know who they are.

Well, I have good news.There is still time.Time to start the rest of your life.One trick I learned is to treat yourself as you would someone you care for.

Love yourself,take care of yourself and please,forgive yourself.Dont be harsh on yourself because at the end of the day the self hate and unforgiveness will only hurt you.

So, from today you can stare at that person in the mirror and remind him/her how much he/ she means to you.Because that person will be with you through all the journeys of life.

And if you ever feel alone and sad, just pray.There is divine power in prayer.God will help you become the best version of yourself.

Stay home,stay safe.

You cannot ‘snap out of’ depression

So on 9th June I heard the worst news on entertainment.One of the hottest men in Bollywood,Sushant Singh Rajput,committed suicide.

‘But he had everything,’that was my first thought.Well, apparently Sushant had been battling with depression for the longest time.

In this society we live in I don’t think people get how serious depression is.Its like cancer I tell you.And people will tell you to snap out of it and get yourself together because they don’t know what depression does.

I will tell you today.Depression first of all kills your motivation.Most depressed individuals are unmotivated.

Let’s not forget about sadness which never goes away.You may be in a position where you should be happy but still,one of the unhappiest persons in the world.

Let’s not forget the self hate and low self-esteem.Depressed people tend to think little of themselves.And I tell you,they try hard to snap out of it.

Famous Rnb singer Beyonce was so depressed that she developed an alter ego,Sasha Fierce to help her perfom on stage.

The world is a tough place and it’s a high time depression was recognized as a serious pandemic.Because the world needs mentally stable individuals to bring change and development.

Don’t just sit there and wait till it’s too late to help a depressed person.Those people need all the love and professional help they can get.

I feel so sorry for Sushant Rajput’s family and I hope his soul can rest in eternal peace.

For any depressed individual out there, depression is treatable.It may take a while but you will get there.

Bye loves.Stay home,stay safe.


I know what you’re thinking.I am probably the meanest person on Earth.But,as always,I am here to let you in on a little secret.

And my secret is, nobody cares.Let me translate it for you in simple Swahili,hakuna yeyote anayejali.

Now I wish someone had me this earlier in life.Even as a baby.I would probably not understand as a child,but it’d catch on afew years later.

So,I discovered this while reading an article titled the same.Back in primary I slept in an exam room and guess what?I peed myself.

Yup.Am not proud of it but lemme say kids in class six are monsters.My deskmate stopped sitting with me,the name calling was endless and worse of all kids from other classes knew.

So, with my head hanging low,I had to endure it all.Sitting at the back of the class alone.These are one of those times I treasure because then I knew I would be nothing without writing.So, thank you karma.

What I wish I knew then was that in less than a week people had already forgotten or those who remembered just didn’t care.

But in my 11 year old mind I thought this was going to be the end of me and my reputation.So I went from strong and opinionated to taking all the bs without a word.

It destroyed my self esteem then.Anyway,to someone who can relate,I know you have made so many mistakes.Life changing at that.

But guess what,we don’t care.Better yet,they don’t care.You know why? because it only affected you and no one else.So, instead of feeling guilty and ashamed,go out there and do your thing as if no one’s watching.

I once wrote an Indian themed book and someone read it and judged it so I burned it.Probably the worst decision of my life because I loved that story.

So,anyone who thinks people will care about your doings and mistakes is wrong.They will probably cower and talk about it.But soon it will fade from their minds like passing wind.And you?You will be held back by your own assumptions.

Just let people do what they know best.Talk.But this shouldn’t change how you feel about yourself or your purpose in life.Because I can assure you one day you will realize it just didn’t matter.

Hope you get what am saying.Because that is just how it is😊.Stay home,stay safe.

There’s no such thing as ‘zero f**ks’ energy

Ever heard someone say,’I don’t give a f**k,” and actually thought they meant it?This gets you thinking how cool it is to not have a care in the world and how amazing this person is.

Spoiler alert.Its all a lie.For me I think it’s impossible not to care about anything.Even robots are programmed to care about something.

So,in highschool there were mean girls who thought the world revolved around them.They would even sing in class and do weird shit which they thought was cool.

Worse of all.They always paraded how they gave zero hoots.Well, this is until another tiny mean girl wrote a song about them.Let’s just say this song was not kind.

These girls were devastated.Some even cried.Some threatened to beat up the tiny chic.Why you ask? Because the zero f**ks chics started feeling insecure.And this showed they cared.

Now I felt bad for them of course but come on,a part of them deserved it.In this world we live in today it’s easy to want to not care.I mean, it’ll save you alot of unwanted emotions.

Let me tell you something.You can howAever choose the f**ks to give,that is,the things to care about.This is because everyone has someone or something they care about.

For example,You can choose not to care about a party you don’t want to attend or even a person who always puts you down.Its not that you don’t give a f**k, you just have other things which you care about.

Because let’s face even terrorists with whom the world may presume to be heartless,care about their missions and families.Terrorism is still illegal though 😃.

So,the next time you hear someone say they don’t give a f**k,just know they probably do and they are probably insecure or even depressed.

Glad to be back.Stay home,stay safe.

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